The fabric of our culture is being undermined while our liberties are being swept away from under our feet.  Our Government has become a rule by man that blatantly disregards we are a country founded upon a rule of law; the Constitution.  First, we must become aware.  To perserve our heritage and freedoms, we must select with great care our next politicians that are commited to upholding the Constitution and to serving the People they are supposed to represent.  This site is my personal rant and rave site, and hopefully it may inspire some to become aware, and then to act!

In regards to action I will try to provide the information you require to do so, and to keep this site updated with useful links.


14 Responses to “About”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    There are a ration of blogger custom templates with the intention of you can aid in your blog.

    Besides taking this step, you should explain your policies; consider creating a FAQ page; and test your links and graphics.

  2. Ian Wishart Says:

    You may find this about to be released book fascinating:

  3. Jim Crosby Says:

    Does anyone know where I can get an unredacted copy of The First Global Revolution? Everywhere I look the copies have pages missing, which means things have been removed the CoR doesn’t want known by the people.

  4. gayle Says:

    I’m overwhelmed by the information that ”is” available.. and the destruction that has been underway for many years..
    I have had inforamtion that would have helped.. 30 yrs ago… no one would listen to me..
    I am new to this site and very happy to see it… the only way we will save our Republic is to shine the truth on those who are working to destroy Soros, Gates and Rockerfeller… and the American people can and will…

  5. les thompson Says:

    the club of Rome
    expose them now
    before they take over

  6. Very happy to have found this blog. Added you to my blogroll. Keep up the good fight!

  7. Thank You, and You can find the feed of this informative site at “The Info To Fight With” Page on I hope this helps!

    If you would like or would be intrested, I could have you on one of our Internet Radio show’s to talk about your site here and give the information out to our listening audience. All the more information we can get out, THE BETTER WE ALL ARE.

    Bill MEDIA

    1. Savant Noir Says:

      This site is awaiting it’s intended purpose, and right now I am just getting some great resource links installed and posting my more salient posts from my parent website:

      What I hope to do with this website is vette and vote upon all the upcoming 2010 campaigners. I want to try to organize the grassroots into supporting just ONE from each district so that our votes do not become divided. WIth the unsavory fraudulant practices that will be used by the Left, we cannot waste a single vote.

      Right now though, I have a complete resource library that would enable one to rese3arch anything; and from reliable sources!

      I look forward to any help you can offer, and I will reciprocate in kind!


      1. Sounds great! seems so far (which is the whole point) to have the news and information all at one site, however, that is why i try extremely hard to provide content to our visitors so that they will have easy access to what is going on and provide the ness. tools of information needed so that they can all be ‘WELL INFORMED”. I think we both have that, which will be beneficial to EVERYONE.I do thank you for adding us and i am proud to add your valuable resource on the site. Anything else, do not hesitate to send me a message.

        Bill McMicheals

        P.S. one of our talk show host and friend is a U.S.Senate Candidate for the 2012 Election in N.M.(Against Bingiman) ,His Name is William S.(Bill) English(R). His show is called “PLAIN ENGLISH” and is featured on the site. I’ll send him a message , Mabye you and Bill could “TALK”.

      2. Savant Noir Says:

        I hope this gets thru to you…

        I am working with Chuck DeVore here, to unseat Barbara Boxer. I am having meeting at my homesite tomorrow nite, to see if I can get someone with WordPress experience to help format all the pages and information I will need to carry forth my concept. We’ll see! I strongly urge you to read my 2 “action items” letters to the Democrats,,,I have people spreading these letters (and the info on who to send them to contained therein), all over the net! Mass information is crucial right now!

      3. I have notified Bill English of all this, he is looking foward into helping this, he needs all the exposure to defeat Bingaman in N.M. just like Chuck Devore! Mabye we all could “Brainstorm” sometime, mabye lets get these 2 Candidates together on a internet talk show?

  8. Thanks for this! Also I would humbly ask you to add as an information site as well. As you may or may not know i am the creator of and a PROUD MEMBER of AMERICA C2C. My goal is SIMPLE. FOR all AMERICANS to have the INFORMATION and NEWS so they all can be aware of the REAL news and what is going on within our Congress & what is going on throughout our country & the world.UNFILTERED!! I along with most AMERICANS are SICK of the ‘MAIN-STREAM” versions of the news! We feature almost EVERY news source THERE IS with up to the minute feeds,tickers and more. Audio as well as Visual(STREAMING TV/NEWS). ALSO, Blogs from many, many different folks like ourselves. INFORMATION is the KEY and WEAPON to defeating this “OBAMANATION” of our CONSTITUTION and our way of LIFE! OUR VERY COUNTRY is as STAKE!! I thank you for your time and consideration in adding to your list of resources. Fell free to email me anytime or if there is anything we can do to help.

    -Bill McMicheals Media

    1. Savant Noir Says:

      Your link has been added. Please help get the two letters I posted here out to the public. We cannot have ANY healthcare bill pass even in the most-slimmed down form….for once they get their foot in a crack, they will drive it all the way up our ass over time.

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