Dear Senator:

RE: Health Care Reform

  • We do not need, nor do we want Government intervention reforming health care.
  • We are in agreement that there needs to be some health insurance reform
  • We are aware that apprx. 8 million citizens have no health benefits, and that those that find themselves without benefit are left out because of inefficiencies in your current programs. Thus, we suggest you fix the programs you already have to enable benefit to those that you currently exclude.
  • We recognize and support the need for cross-state free market competition to help lower insurance costs.
  • We recognize that tort reform could help lower costs by an additional 10-15% and that you should focus your efforts on providing solutions that serve the American people; not your ideologies.
  • We recognize and support the reform of insurance in regards to non-discrimination against pre-existing conditions.
  • We recognize the need and support insurance portability.

We object vehemently to the Government imposing it’s will upon the people. We vigorously oppose how you continually over-step your Constitutional boundaries. We object to this notion that you know best, when it is obvious that your own house is in shambles. We object further taxation to support another hare-brained conception, until such a time that you have demonstrated an ability to run any program. Before imposing your will upon the people we suggest you provide evidence of fiscally responsible business management. Your entitlement programs currently have 60 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities. Every government run Agency and Program is either bankrupt or in debt. You have continually mismanaged our money.

When ideology succeeds in repressing all historical and empirical evidence of your abject failures, the public rightly must question your sanity, integrity, or both. We have had enough. A vote of YES on any form of health care reform, will result in a resounding NO from us when it comes time for your re-election.


Sen. Michael F Bennet, Colorado
DC Office Phone Number: 202-224-5852, DC Fax Number: 202-228-5036

Sen. Ben Nelson, Nebraska
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Sen. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
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Sen. Mark Pryor, Arkansas
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Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas
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Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia
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Sen. Jim Webb, Virginia
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Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia
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Sen. Jon Tester, Montana
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Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut
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Sen. Mark Begich, Alaska
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Sen. Evan Bayh, Indiana
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