It is obvious to us all by now that Obama & Company are out to transform the basic fabric of America. He actually told us he would; just few of us realized what he fully meant. In fact, Obama is not the originator of this phrase, but after careful planning and plotting he was chosen to be the anointed one, to be the Hammer that delivers the final nail into the coffin of America. By the end of his regime, he will be the Messiah of Our Future dispensing his Golden Alms to a populace that will be dependent upon them for their very survival. It is a bi-partisan agenda, for when the coffin lid shuts, we all suffocate together.

I will make my stance very simple. I believe in the Constitution and the principles it was founded upon. I believe in those values and morals that developed a self-deterministic life that was the fortitude of the American psyche that inspired our fledgling nation to greatness. I believe you feel exactly the same way.

As the cacophony of change whirls about us in a cyclonic maelstrom of confusion, I feel it is important to focus more on the question many have: “what can we do?”

To answer this question is going to require about an hour of your time initially. I have consolidated information that is necessary to become an aware and thereby effective voice of American activism.

If you will notice, the links below come from wordpress. I have set this up for the sole purpose of simplicity, to set aside a space that does not lose my blog posts amongst all the other great and insightful posts that exist here. Links pertaining to this circumscribed subject matter I include here for you.

We are distracted, and this is exactly what Obama wants. Not only are we doing it to ourselves, we are also allowing ourselves to be played like puppets. It is a tactical trick to split the Left and Right, the White and the Black. Never forget that resistance breeds only counter-resistance, and this serves as the ultimate distraction so the hidden strategic agenda can be slipped in like a thief in the night.

Step 1: The Big Picture: Although some of you are already aware of this, Obama is leading the charge to transform this country in a manner that is consistent with the United Nations protocols of Sustainable Development/Agenda 21. It is of the utmost importance to understand this thoroughly. You cannot possibly perceive all these Bills in their proper perspective unless you understand the backdrop in which they all reside and tie together. Our energies become exhausted trying to keep up with “content”. That too is a tactic of obfuscation. Congressional concessions followed by more massive bills is all done for the purpose of hiding“context”. When we understand the ‘whole’, we are not so easily distracted by the trickery of the superficial. We can see things for what they really are, and this will automatically sharpen our focus and bring the fear of revelation to them!

Sustainable Development/Agenda 21

Step 2: Human Awareness: The psychology of the liberal mind and liberal society needs to be understood. It was brought to my attention that a liberal Psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Haidt of Yale University had conducted a worldwide testing model and over the course of 10 years, came to pretty much the same conclusions as myself. An analysis of his findings follow my links. The reason why this is essential is to develop communication strategies that will enable us to possibly convey something to our Liberal fellow Americans. Without a more unified front, we are doomed.

Liberal Regressive Immaturity
Liberal Individual Narcissistic Characteristics
Social Narcissism
Moral Adolescence

Step 3: Reason and Logic: This is not likely to go over well with the typical Liberal, for the very reasons explained above. Nonetheless, we all need ‘something’ in our arsenal to attempt to convey. Here you will find a post that moved away from its original intent, but I highlighted those questions that are germane, and can be asked of a Liberal and might serve to open up a dialogue.

Communications Between the Left and the Right

Step 4: Follow Through-a strategy after the tea parties and rallies: Our success in rallying Conservatives for the incredible 912 March is only half the action–it is the ‘threat’. It is reduced to meaninglessness unless we make good on our threat. If we do not demonstrate that we are firm in our resolve, the future is made all the tougher for us. If we threaten to ‘kick them out’, then by God, we better do it! To that end, the link below provides a strategy for voting in 2010.

Voting Strategies-2010

Also, there is another page that has links to every seat up for election in every state at every level. We need to vote from the ground up.

All State Races

Step 5: Unification: I belong to 25 ning sites, another 20 facebook groups, an active writer on I don’t know how many online newspapers, etc. It’s ridiculous. I am overwhelmed and I am sure you are as well. Each individual wakes up each day with a finite amount of time and energy. Neither I nor you can be effective if we are dividing our time and energy in 50 different directions. I am not suggesting we quit our respective sites, but I am suggesting very strongly that at least we have ONE place where we ALL connect. To this end, I suggest Facebook. As it is, most people from all these different sites have a Facebook account or can easily get one. We have to start somewhere, so add me (Savant Noir) to your Friends. Then we need to start going to each other’s homepage and adding each other’s friends. This needs to be a viral effort. The result of this is that one blog post goes to ALL. We don’t have to keep going here and there.

Step 6: Selectivity: There are sites that are well funded and have built operational models that best highlight the strategic goals I am espousing herein. Icacus for their vetting processes, Citizens in Action for their fax center, AmericaC2C for their State participation groups, and Team Grassfire for their national campaigns. I recommend these sites be used for their specific purpose and we start reducing the distractions in our lives.

In addition to condensing our site participation, we can save ourselves a lot of wasted energy by limiting our research sources and our daily information sources. There is so much hyperbole, speculation, and just outright hysterical nonsense out there, that this just either helps spread falsehoods and rumor, or bogs others down who have to research its veracity. On my WordPress site, I have condensed resource links down to the ‘best of the best’ , and broken them into groups. You can rely on the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, American Thinker, Sunlight Foundation, Wall Street Journal, etc., as online sources. If your resource articles do not have collaborative links or references attached to it, chances are it is half-baked truths. This should serve as a guideline to your own posts as well. If you are making a post about ‘facts’, include your reliable references to substantiate them. In this manner, you do not force others to have to do your homework for you, nor, are you guilty of spreading rumor yourself. As an example, WND I deem to be 70% reliable, and often their reference links are Hal Turner or some other sensationalist. There are many government links on my WordPress site as well, several of them rather unique.

Step 7: Community Participation. An example of this is a program I am working on with my fellow members of the local Republican Assembly, where we are going out to various college campuses and meeting with the Young Republican groups there, helping them distribute literature, with ideas, meetings, etc. As you know, the youth are by great majority in support of Obama, and being programmed into the Liberal Agenda. The youth of today is the preservation of our country tomorrow. Reach out to them.

Occasionally I will design fliers and post them. These can be posted in your neighborhoods and distributed among friends and family. We must continually think of creative ways to impart our message. Newspaper editorials is another way. Share your ideas regarding pro-activity with the rest of us, this is a group effort.

I could go on and on with ways to be an active participant. Everything that we do counts. Continue to email and fax the politicians. When you have a letter you urge others to send, then help them in these efforts by providing the necessary links and information to complete the task you are requesting of your fellow patriot. Town hall meetings, tea parties, and major rallies such as this one in Washington will still require the impetus of your presence, so let’s keep the pressure on.

Step 8: Liberal Websites: I am not suggesting being a disruptive troll. When we post to one another our conservative thoughts or articles from conservative sites, we are merely preaching to the choir. As infuriating a task as it is, I still try to take a message straight to the heart of the liberal camp. I post at Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and the DNCC. If you are armed with what I hope to be some of the additional knowledge I have provided here, then you have some new approaches to try. If you convert just 1 liberal, they in turn might convert 10.

Step 9: Blog Sites: Create you own personal Blog Site with WordPress or Blogspot. Create several if you want, devoting each one to a specific topic. This is an important action you can easily take. When you create a blog site, search engines will pick it up. Try and choose a name for your blog site that will be most guaranteed to get hits, such as: Health Care today. I have created another blog site myself, called The Green Scheme, which is solely devoted to Agenda 21. Read my opening paragraph (at the above link) for an example of how I advertise a ‘neutral’ position on the facts.

When we post to each other, we communicate our passions that serve to galavinze each other, and to seek identification of our frustrations. The idea behind creating your personal blog sites is to catch the attention of Liberals as well; to help spread a message. Liberals are not going to go to Team Sarah (for instance) for the purpose of trying to learn anything. Avoid names that reveal a particular political leaning. When you make posts on these blogs, stick with the facts and give solid, reputable reference links. The idea is to encourage the viewer to read the post, and to then make their own judgment. If your post says: “guess what that insane bitch Pelosi did this week….”, you will have set in motion their resistance and failed to get your point across.

When you make a post, be sure to add ‘tags’. This is the best way to get ‘hits’ to your website. Get all your friends to get a blog space as well. You can have as many as you want, and they take about 30 seconds to set up. Take your area of most interest, knowledge, and concern and make a blog today! This is an excellent way to carve out some space on the internet for our Conservative view. This idea came to me when researching Agenda 21. There are literally thousands of sites out there all extolling the virtues of ‘going green’, and what a hero Al Gore and Van Jones are. I found only 2 websites that reveal the political dangers inherent in their method of carrying out their agenda. Help make our presence known to the WORLD, not just to each other!

Step 10: Take some time and go out to small businesses and drop off a flyer. Small business owners tend to be Conservatives that don’t really have enough time in the day to stay aware of current events. They also may have 5-100 employees that they in turn can influence. It will cost you next to nothing to print off 500 or so flyers from your home printer, or simply go to Kinko’s. Enclosed below is a link to a flyer I designed that you can use, or, desing one yourself. It is also important to make people aware of Agenda 21, the school of thought which is driving ALL this current legislation. A brochure that can be printed out is located at the bottom left hand side of the article itself.

Health Care Flyer
Agenda 21 Brochure

Step 11: Write this number down (202) 224-3121. This is the only number you will ever need to call every Senator and every Congressman. It is much easier just to use automatic call-back than it is to continually call a new number each time. It takes 3 hours to call every member of Congress and the Senate, but it is easier when you need only concern yourself with this single number. Calling after hours, the answering machine will give you 3 minutes of talk time. Use it wisely. Write out what it is you want to say. You can also save time by just calling Committee Members when various Bills are being deliberated in committee.

Complete List of Senators: click here:
Complete List of Representatives: click here:

We must win back America. We can win and we will win, all it takes is the desire that burns intensely enough in your soul to propel you to action. The next step is to turn that action into effective action. I hope this serves as a springboard to ignite your imagination and spirit.

Step 12: YOU! Many of you are like myself, a political neophyte. I don’t profess to be ‘the best’ or to ‘know the most’. Hell, I don’t even know if I am any good at this…I only know that I am trying my best. I am just one more spoke in the wheel. Unless we find the resources to be a light unto ourselves, our mission will fail. WE are the world. What you see around you, WE created. When we change ourselves, the world will change to reflect our collective will. I am a single pebble casting myself upon the waters. I make a little ripple, and not much of a splash. Stand by my side and we make a bigger splash and create more ripples. Stand united and we will explode and create a tsunami of change!