There is a plan for Social Equity, Economic Equity, and Biologic Equity disguised beneath a false nobility…

On our public education system – to prepare our children to live in a equitable world.

On our economy – to create partnerships between business and government, selecting favored businesses as a tool to help implement the policies with our taxpayer money.

On the environment – leading to controls on private property and business.

On health care
– the new drive against obesity (as just 1 example) is leading directly toward controls on what we eat.

On farming – Sustainable Development policies that affect farmers production choices and outputs by regulating land, water, bio-equity, bio-diversity, chemicals, and genetics in the name of environmental protection.

On our social and cultural environment – where political correctness is controlling policy hiring practices, immigration policy, multiculturalism, marriage laws, etc.

On our mobility – with emphasis on carpools and public transportation and away from our freedom of personal transportation choices.

On public safety – where the rule of law and the court system is being challenged by new regulations that affect the right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizures.

On our Water-which seek to reduce the avg American household from a consumption of 100 gals/day to 26/gals/day.

And on Everything Else Not Included Above

To give you part of the picture, there is a comprehensive agenda for each of the following (and then some):

Global governance for peace and security
Global economic governance
International cooperation for development
Strengthening the multilateral trading system
International cooperation for protecting shared environmental resources
Global health
Biodiversity Initiative
Cities for Climate Protection
EcoMobility (mobility without dependency on the private car)
Climate Change & Sustainable Development
Energy for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Consumption & Production Patterns
Atmosphere, Water, Land, and Seas
Waste Management

What infuriates me is that this “transparent” administration has not, nor will not tell the American people what they are forcing us into. The majority did not vote for a man who said, “I want a one world economy, a one world group therapy session where bugs, animals, and humans all sit around in euphoric harmony swapping stories while our property, lives, lifestyles and livelihoods might have to be radically altered to embrace biodiversity and bio-equality” We are denied participation and the right to vote on the real issues. We are denied access to scrutinize the veracity of these noble-sounding projects. We are denied the opportunity to participate in solutions. We are denied the ability to institute ‘real change’ where change needs to be utilized, because these issues are being marginalized and used as political fodder to fuel the greed of Power; other people’s power over the control of your life.

Instead, Obama is engineering our society; molding us in directions most are unaware of; while he deflects and obfuscates to keep us unaware. They are imposing their Utopian ideals upon an unsuspecting population.

The prevailing thought here is that Government believes they know best, and without disclosure, they will provide the solutions as they best see fit and by any means via PPP’s. (Private/Public Partnerships–with big business)

The process they are using is Fascism, with all the attendant strong-arm tactics…take-over of this, control of that, inciting civil discord and fanning the flames of discontent for the sole purpose of distracting us from their hidden agenda. That is not democracy.

To defeat Healthcare, Cap and Trade, and other legislations that serve to dismantle America in servitude of a Global Utopia that is driven predominately by George Soros, it is best we Conservatives arm ourselves with the Truth, so we can begin to hold our Congressman and Senators accountable to their hidden agenda. So long as our arguments remain entrenched within the context of these Bills, the concept behind them will march forward, regardless how they change the wording to appease the ‘context-driven oppostion’ of the American people.

Timetable for Global Transition Events
The Global Agenda Policies

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