The American spirit was evident in the words contained within the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” These are words of ’self-determinism’, giving the individual a Government that allows for a person’s own pursuits. The Constitution neither confers greater rights to the individual, nor does it in any way limit an individual so long as they are operating within the Law; which of itself does not limit anyone’s pursuit of happiness nor success. A self determined life recognizes that the onus of responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the individual. One has the right to pursue their dreams, but nowhere is it stated that one is entitled to their dreams.  We can simply define self-determinism as follows:

Need for competence: refers to the need to experience oneself as capable and competent in controlling the environment and being able to reliably predict outcomes.

Need for autonomy:
refers to the need to actively participate in determining own behavior. It includes the need to experience one’s actions as result of autonomous choice without external interference.

Need for relatedness:
refers to need to care for and be related to others. It includes the need to experience authentic relatedness from others and to experience satisfaction in participation and involvement with the social world. Legislated relatedness is not authentic.

Lacking the attendant responsibility of self-determinism is where socialism over-extends its basic supportive role in our society. Obviously those that are in some way handicapped deserve our assistance. Those that have been discriminated against deserve a fair chance. Yet socialism has become the forerunner to Progressive Liberalism, inasmuch that socialism exploded beyond its economically defined boundary becomes a model of equalizing humanity. In our modern reiteration of socialism, equal opportunity is translated to mean ‘everyone should be equal’. This is regressive. It is in fact a perversion, inasmuch that a perversion (by definition) is the pathological distortion of Truth.

It is interesting to note that all perversions (be they intellectual or sexual), always seek ‘more’. The sick mind is voracious in its appetite, always consuming, never giving, and never sated. America is being consumed by this ravenous appetite, as perversion seeks justification behind it’s rationalization of a false nobility.

We Were all Born Dependent

Primary archaic narcissism is our state of being upon birth. There is no distinction between self and other, there is only primal ’self’ and the need for narcissistic supplies to ameliorate a very fearful primal existence. The dispensing of these supplies ameliorates fears, develops the super-ego, and indoctrinates the budding human being into responsible social and self-awareness in contrast to “other”. Developmental anomalies in this process can lead to pathological Narcissism.

Simplifying narcissism, it can be said that narcissism is a defense against Emptiness as it struggles to assuage the anxieties between Ego and Object. This severely truncates the maturation process and gives rise to all manner of psychological and social aberrations.

To understand this narcissistic defense as it manifests, we merely have to look at liberal world view. I think it fair to say that what liberals mainly see when they look at this country is injustice and oppression of every kind—economic, social and political. This view is steeped in negativity and evokes their emotional response. Perceiving the external as wrong, strengthens the impoverished image of ’self’ as righteous. It only makes sense that given this perspective, what they see requires that America be changed or discarded.

In their infantile grandiosity and narcissistic dysfunctionality, they envision an America modeled after their own inner ideal ’self’ image that is projected onto the world around them, and then followed as if they were watching a movie that is totally disconnected from the source; the ‘projector’. This clearly demonstrates the mechanism of ’self-idolatry’ that is consistent with all narcissistic behavior. It also explains the push to a Godless America. The Ten Commandments states “thou shall have no other god before me”, and “thou shall not make for yourself any idol.”  Oops, the Liberals fail on both those accounts. Interestingly enough, a narcissist would have a few problems following the other 8 commandments as well. Self-idolatry deems oneself the motor-center of the universe around which all other things must flow, and there is no room in the narcissistic mind for two Gods, for nothing can exist higher than ’self’ for the narcissist.

Thus, the narcissistic progressive liberal shouts “I deserve”. Rather than struggling with the maturation process of self-responsibility, they cry out from the dark womb of emptiness and ineptitude that has been compensated for with their false god-like nobility. They seek comfort in the same manner that an infant suckles at the breast.

When a person has not adequately matured within the family environment, they seek an over emphasized need from Society. Most psychological disorders can be traced to having their roots in an imbalance between Home and Society. Society is unfeeling. Society does not give narcissistic supplies to the individual. Society is largely neutral, a blank blackboard awaiting the individual to take the chalk and author their personal script for their life. Society bestows upon the individuals that inhabit it the self-deterministic ‘freedom of choice’. When there are aberrations in those supplies that spring forth from the home, then an individual seeks more from Society then its intended purpose. Society is then subconsciously perceived as the Mother’s Breast, and those that remain fearful of life want to suck Society dry. The tit of society becomes the pacifier against the fear of maturation and the responsibilities inherent therein.

We were all born liberal; just some of us grew up.