This is a very limited synopsis of all that is going on and by necessity is brief and does not go into any detail on the various Bills themselves.  The objective here is to give a general comprehensive overview so we do not lose sight of the forest while Obama is throwing trees at us.


  • Why do we need to transform an entire system of health care just to address a few of the problems that it does have?
  • Why do we need to Unionize every company (via the EFCA) when it has been clearly demonstrated that their encumbrances are strangling business productivity and choking our economy?
  • Why do we need Cap and Trade when every report shows that the net effect on green-house emissions will equate to about 0.005% per annum?
  • Why did Obama take control of the Census Bureau and then declare that the 2010 Census will include all non-citizens?
  • Why does he want to raise the minimum wage in the middle of our recession?

What Next?

I believe every one of these Bills will pass because:

  • Obama will re-assure the Democrats losing ground that their victory in 2010 will be secured, because he has manipulated the 2010 Census to guarantee it.  This will ameliorate their fears and garner their continued support.
  • Obama is using questionable tactics against the American people:  spamming, inciting neighbor to spy on neighbor (report “fishy” activity), using stong-arm tactics in townhall meetings, threatening broadcasters that oppose him, etc.
  • Mis-direction and obfuscation:  Obama is machine gun firing Bills at the American people, forcing them thru Congress, and claiming each to be an emergency of unprecedented proportions that must be acted on immediately or the world will come to an end.


Where is the money coming from?

  • As he continues to monetize debt, he will ultimately create inflation…which will bring in more revenues for the government.
  • Cap and Trade will bring in tons of new tax revenues.
  • The EFCA will unionize all workers, increasing incomes…hence, more income tax revenues. The EFCA will also insure that Employers cannot offset the costs of being forced to provide health-care insurance by reducing wages.
  • Raising the minimum wage.  More tax revenue.  This will also increase unemployment among the youth, driving them into AmeriCorps.


  • The Federal Government currently employs 2.1 million people directly.
  • 57% of the population lives off the Federal Government in one form or another.
  • If England has 1.4 million employees to run it’s healthcare system, we can assume it will require 2 million more Federal Employees to run ours.
  • How many additional Federal employees will be required to run and monitor cap and trade?
  • Inasmuch the EFCA will be run and monitored by Federal oversight, how many more direct Federal employees will that entail.
  • By unionizing every company, in essence that will turn an additional 105 million workers into in-direct federal employees.


  • He will break the back of free-market enterprise.
  • He will break the back of small business, using ACORN, EFCA, SEIU, and the IRS as his weapons.
  • He will break the back of the individual.
  • He will break the back of family, church, community.
  • He will drain all wealth from the individual, and transfer it to a central government, and re-distribute as he sees fit.
  • Bottom line, you are either IN, or you are OUT.

It is utterly transparent.  It is indeed, Hitler 2010.

What to Do?

  • Stop getting hung up on the details (falling into the mis-direction trap)
  • Bombard our leaders opposing these Bills, but for the REAL reasons, not the obtuse print within them.
  • Write your newspapers and media.
  • Print up a simple overview (such as something like this), and pass it out in your neighborhood.
  • Stop talking about the problems (they will continue to come at us non-stop), and start thinking solutions!