Seems everyone is talking about the fallacies of the various proposed  Bills. Obama is being judged on his merits or lack thereof in regards to his convoluted and contradictory economic/health plans. He is a Master of Obfuscation and Re-Direction.While people look at the veneer, the oblique seems to be overlooked: a coup d’etat of this country. The myriad of Bills being considered with breakneck speeds is dizzying…ON PURPOSE!

Consider that once one has accumulated wealth, all that is left to pursue is Power. When considering the actions of Obama & Co. through a paradigmatic perspective of ‘power’, things begin to look a bit different.

  • He now has the Census Bureau under the control of the White House and it’s duties carried forth by ACORN. In the 2010 Census he is including illegal aliens, stacking the population count in such a way as to create new Democratic Districts.  In California alone he is creating an additional 9 Congressional Districts.  He is manipulating the electoral college.  This should have revolts in the streets, yet it seems to have quietly slipped away.
  • He is allocating 647 billion to a centralized health care computing system, in which your medical records are no longer private. Another provision of the Health Care bill is access to all your banking information in order to qualify. This is an essential step in the process of eroding the 2nd Amendment. He is re-writing gun registration laws that will virtually disqualify anyone from being able to purchase a firearm, and with this computer system will be able to monitor and enforce compliancy.
  • At the same time, he is pushing for a Youth Corp that “should be funded and equipped to act as any modern militia”. He is raising the minimum wages to purposely create greater unemployment among the youth, so he can then in turn induct them into AmeriCorp and offer his ‘salvation’.
  • Although publically he has renounced the Fairness Doctrine, he is hellbent on pursuing this; albeit marketed under a different name. He also wishes to expand this to include the Internet. This erodes the 1st Amendment. As of this writing, he has threatened to revoke anyones broadcast license should they question his Birth Certificate.
  • They are chomping at the bit to pass the EFCA, thus forcing every employee and company into Unionization, which will be arbitrated and enforced by the Feds. This will drive the prices of all goods and services thru the roof. At the same time, come 2011 tax increases; which will also carry many new taxes; will break the backs of everyone. Additionally, while increasing tax burdens in so many ways that one’s head will spin, he is also eliminating many tax write-offs, such as a percentage of your mortgage interest payments, charitable contributions, etc etc.
  • Via the EFCA, it is hoped to get 105 million disenfranchised workers into a Union and be “card carrying” members, issued by the Government.  This introduces a Federal ID card to the American workforce.
  • Socialized Medicine will further circulate this Federal ID chip (it is in the Bill itself). Government bail-outs of banking systems will introduce new laws of compliancy. Ultimately, all financial and medical information for the citizens will be contained on this chip. (not to be confused with the RF-ID chip of conspiracy theorists).
  • Socialized Medicine, by necessisty, must have a cost/value risk assessment disclaimer attached to it. This will hasten the passage of the “baby-boomers”. (for example, if you are 65 and need kidney dialysis, you will NOT get it, it being deemed too costly a procedure for one of such an age). When the baby-boomers are gone, so too will be the last voice of dissent.
  • Via the Global Poverty Act and other insidious machinations, it should be readily apparent that ‘globalization’ is the aim of this administration. Already talks are underway for a ‘one world currency’. In order to foist these hidden agenda, the back and the will of the people have to be broken, so they in turn will BEG for the “help”. Soon I expect he will collapse the U.S. Dollar. Russia, India, China, Japan, and Brazil met in April of 2009 to discuss a new trade currency that is not steeped in the U.S.D.
  • Monetizing debt at an alarming rate, ultimately creating hyper-inflation and ensuring the destruction of wealth.

In the final analysis, the people will beg for their own chains, as Obama & Co. set themselves up to be the world leaders that will be handing out the alms. The possibility for the accumulation of wealth is being destroyed, for the last thing any Dictator wants is to have a threat to power. There will be a 1 party ruling elite class, and the populace will be reduced to having to suck at the tit of Government in order to survive.

Day after day I hear about Obama and his socialization of America. This is obvious, but it is not the point. Nazi Germany had a Socialized economy. The problem was not what economic model they used, the problem was that a Dictator was in control of it. Truly Capitalism is at stake here, but more importantly…Freedom is.

Let’s take a moment to look back at pre-President Obama and consider the rules for a successful coup.

All the Messiah’s Men

To have a successful coup, you need a long-term plan that collects all the necessary elements and players to carry out a propaganda war that shifts public support in your favor. The people need to support your ascension to power, as if it was their own idea.

You need the following elements in place to accomplish this.