It seems that the Media and our Politicians don’t fully understand the angst of the American people.  We are not opposing Health Care Reform per se; we are opposing the government intervention into our lives.  It is not the content within the Bill, it is the very existence of the Bill itself that we oppose.  We will similarly stand in opposition to Cap and Trade, and any legislation that undermines freedom and personal choice.

We have silently watched as our Constitution has been laid to waste.  We have had enough. Our Founding Fathers’ issued hundreds of warnings on how our principles and Constitution could be undermined and our great country destroyed.  We have watched each of their predictions take fruition, and as a result, our ‘great country’ is not so great anymore.  We have gone from the largest credit country in the world, to the largest debtor country in history.

Our leaders have a sworn obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution.  We do not want you in our lives, in our schools, in our churches, in our business, in our institutions, in our communities, and in our States. We object to the illegality of you imposing your will upon us. It is clearly outlined in the rule of law what your mandate entails, and with great specificity the Constitution limits your power so the people are not subject to the tyrannical imposition of the rule by man.  Your job as an elected official is to preserve individual and State freedom; not to decide which individual or group shall be favored at the expense of another individual or group.

Yet Liberals have the gall to claim that American’s whom oppose their unconstitutional take-over of this country are either extremists or well-funded organizers. Perhaps this is because their paradigmatic view of the world is so thoroughly shaped by the way they do things that they cannot entertain the possibility of people caring about the values and principles that made us a great nation.

We have a current Administration rife with tax cheats, lobbyists, criminals, radicals, and self proclaimed Communists. We have an Administration that proudly proclaims the appointment of unelected Czars who swagger down the halls with autonomy, free of pesky moral and legal constraints. We have an Administration espousing rhetoric with such hypocrisy that one wonders how the two sides of their mouths can be contained within the non-extensible boundary of their heads.

We have had enough. The reality of this will penetrate the febrile grandiosity of your over-inflated egos that galvanize these socialistic policies when our oppositional unity leaves you looking for a new job.  It is your ilk that is the blight upon the landscape of this country, and each and every one of you should be tried for treason.

I have only one question for you:

Why aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

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